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About Us
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  • April Hanhwa Vietnam Network Operation
    March Sejong HK POP Operation
    SPOTV MLB Broadcasting Operation
    February Shinhan Bank NY Network Operation

  • November Alibaba Korea POP Operation
    China Unicom Korea POP II Operation
    September SK Telink Singapore POP Operation
    June SDS Voice POP Operation
    February SPOTV NBA Broadcast Network Operation
    January CITIC Korea POP Operation
    CGNTV LA Broadcast Network Operation

  • December MBC America Broadcast Network Operation
    ZLT Korea POP Operation
    September Posco ICT Malaysia Network Operation
    July SPOTV MLB Broadcast Network Operation
    April SPOTV Japan Broadcast Network Operation
    February NHN US Network Operation

  • October TATA Korea POP Operation
    July Shinhan Bank Mexico Network Operation
    ArirangTV NY Broadcast Network Operation
    April Posco ICT Mexico Network Operation
    February Posco ICT Italy Network Operation
    HANA Bank Vietnam Network Operation
    KBS Thailand Broadcast Network Operation

  • November SKB Seattle POP Operation
    August China Unicom Korea POP Operation
    June SDS LA POP2 Operation
    April LG U+ Japan IP POP Operation
    January POSCO ICT Mexico Network Operation

  • December SK Broadband US Backbone Network Operation
    October Posco ICT Itary Network Operation
    July SK Broadband CDN Service Operation
    May LG U+ MBC Sports, YTN Broadcast Network Operation
    January Gretech NY POP Operation

  • December KISTI US, HK POP Renewal Operation
    August Posco ICT Frankfurt POP Operation
    July Posco ICT Brazil Network Operation
    May SK Broadband LA IP POP Operation
    January Sejong Telecom US Local Network Operation

  • November SDS HK POP Operation
    July SK Broadband HK POP2 Operation
    May LG U+ OBS Broadcast Network Operation
    March Samsung SDS HK/US POP Operation
    January LG U+ HK POP Operation

  • November OCN Japan POP Operation
    Octorber Sejong US POP Operation
    September J2Grobal Korea DID Service
    PCCW Korea POP Operation
    July LG U+ US POP Operation
    M Game US Operation
    April SK Telink HK POP Operation
    February GS Neotek US project
    January Media Index US POP Operation

  • December KISTI Seattle, Hong Kong POP operation
    November USA New York POP established
    Limelight Korea POP operation
    September China Cache Korea Inc Founded - Joint venture with China Cache
    February KBS Washington Network operation
    PTC’10 Gold Sponsorship
    Posdata India, Vietnam, Philippine Network Operation

  • October IBK UK, Vietnam Network Operation
    September Posdata HK POP Operation
    July SK Telecom US Network Operation
    SKB HK POP Operation
    June DVS NETWORKS HK, LIMITED Establish (Hong Kong)
    Sejong Telecom GNA US office intercarrier Service
    January Hanaro Japan POP Operation

  • December MBC US Network Operation
    November Samsung Networks H.K. POP Operation
    Posdata US POP Operation
    May Osstem US IDC operation
    April Japan PoP Project (NF Park, Tokyo)
    Symantec, Japan PoP operation

  • November Philippines PoP Project (VITRO, Manila)
    Turkey PoP Project (Satko, Istanbul)
    September SK Telink, US PoP operation contract
    August UK PoP Project (Telehouse, London)
    June Italy PoP Project (Redbus, Milan)
    April LG Dacom, US PoP operation contract
    Samsung Networks, US PoP contract
    May US Sister company, Telecare Inc Set up

  • September Hong Kong PoP Project(Sino & Mega-i)
    June Australia PoP Project(Powertel, Sydney)
    May Local Access Services Launches

  • December Ineterconnection with Teleglobe Hanaro, US PoP operation contract
    November Korea PoP Project (NGENE, Seoul)
    October DVS Networks Korea Inc., Establish
    November Korea PoP Project (NGENE, Seoul)
    August Canada PoP Project (Vancouver, BC)
    US PoP Project (OWB, LA)
    May FCC 214 License Aquired (CA, US)
    April Digital Voice Solution Establish(CA, US)